OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM: an outstanding shipping offer from Chinese ports

Since 1992, CMA CGM has achieved fast development in China and ranked into the key players of the industry with its unparalleled service, customer care and passion as always. Covering a network of 60 branches/offices and 13 coastal ports in China, CMA CGM offers 76 shipping line services, and a CMA CGM vessel leaves China less than every 3 hours to every corner of the world. On each call, CMA CGM ships unload thousands of tons of French and European products (raw materials, manufactured goods, food, wines and spirits...) and load as much Chinese products (appliances, high-tech...). With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM China will offer unmatched shipping services for you.

NORTH AND CENTRAL CHINA: A broad network dedicated to connect China to the World

CMA CGM North and Central China, has grown to become an industry leader, consistently outgrowing the market using an approach centered on customer service, integrity, and innovation. With Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM North and Central China provides excellent global connectivity with Europe, Middle East and North America reducing the transit time and improving the service quality.

North and Central China to/from North Europe

North and Central China to/from Mediterranean

North and Central China to/from Middle-East

North and Central China to/from North America (Transpacific)

6 loops per week  ( 2 with our own fleets)

Germany (covers Scandinavia + Baltic): 5 loops calling Hamburg and 1 loops calling Willhemshaven

UK: fastest transit time to Southampton

France: fastest transit time to Le Havre ex Central China (unique product to Dunkirk)

Unique offer to Zeebrugge

Tailored solutions (intermodal) in N&C Europe


Unique direct call to Venice (ex Shanghai Transit time 34days)

Unique direct call to Port said east (ex Shanghai Transit time 24days)

Unique direct call to black sea ports (ex Shanghai to ROCND T/T at 32days/ex Shanghai to UAODS Transit time at 35days)

Most frequency and fastest service to Piraeus

Fastest service to Italy ex Ningbo / Qingdao

Best coverage to North Africa with 13 feeders and 15 weekly calls


2 loops ex Qingdao (more reefer from Qingdao to gulf base ports)

4 loops ex Shanghai calling the same terminal in Waigaoqiao

5 loops ex Ningbo at the same terminal

Unique weekly call in Dalian on CIMEX 1

Unique weekly call in Lianyungang on CIMEX 5

Extensive port coverage in Gulf destinations

Unique call at SOHAR (OMAN) ,  new call in Bahrain, direct call to IRAN ex Central China , 3 direct calls to Dammam


Unique calls:

Lianyungang to Long Beach /SEA (HRX)

Dalian to Seattle  (HRX)

Shanghai/Ningbo to New Orleans. (PEX3)

Qingdao to Norfolk (Manhattan Bridge)

Qingdao/Tianjin to Prince Rupert (Bohai)

Ningbo to Tacoma (NWX)

Best Transit Time:

Shanghai/Ningbo/Qingdao to New York/Savannah/Norfolk/Boston/Charleston.

 Shanghai/Ningbo to Seattle/Prince Rupert.

Highest Frequency:

Shanghai with weekly 12 services.

Ningbo with weekly 11 services

Qingdao with weekly 5 services




SOUTH CHINA: A reliable offer for an unprecedented coverage

The OCEAN Alliance products enable CMA CGM South China to outpace its competitors on all fronts, as on the seas (frequency, transit time, ports pairs) than on the shore thanks to our very dense and unique front office organization (27 offices and dedicated Trade teams) and they give us a unique opportunity to solidify the market shares on the long term.


South China to/from North Europe

South China to/from Mediterranean

South China to/from Red Sea

5 loops, 7 calls per week

Unique offer to Dunkirk & Zeebrugge

Netherlands (Scandinavia + Baltic transshipment): 5 loops calling Rotterdam,  fastest transit time in the market ex Yantian

France: unique offer to Dunkirk and 2 loops calling Le Havre , the fastest transit time ex Yantian to Le Havre

Germany (covers Scandinavia + Baltic transshipment) : 4 loops calling Hamburg and 1 loops calling Willhemshaven

UK: 2 loops calling Southampton and 3 loops calling Felixstowe, the fastest transit time in the market ex Yantian/Xiamen to UK.

Poland : 1 loops calling Gdansk, the fastest transit time in the market ex Yantian/Xiamen

Tailored Inland solutions  in N&C Europe


4 loops per week (in which 3 are heavily deployed with CC vessels)

6 weekly calls offering full coverage of major South China POLs: Xiamen/Yantian/Shekou/Nansha.

Best transit time to Valencia/Fos/La Spezia/Piraeus

Unique direct call from Shekou to Port Said West

1st class service to Koper with on time departure & weekend Koper arrival.

BEX: the unique direct service from South China to Black Sea (Constanza/Odessa)

Double weekly calls from South China to Malta/Valencia/Fos/Piraeus/Genoa

3 loops which represent 100% of RED SEA dedicated services from South China

Unique Xiamen direct service: REX2 to Djibouti/Jeddah/Aqaba/Sudan

Unique Nansha direct service: REX3 to Djibouti/Jeddah/Aqaba/Sokhna

Double weekly calls to Jeddah/Aqaba/Djibouti/Sokhna

Unique direct call to Sudan by REX2

Flexibility of over-flow evacuation/transfer between 3 loops with Shekou operation.

Significant allocation increase under Ocean Alliance.


South China to/from Middle-East

South China to/from North America (Transpacific)


5 loops (from 2 previously)

5 weekly calls (from 2 previously)

750 Teus allocations (x2 versus previously)

Unique direct call in Nansha on CIMEX7 ex South China to Gulf destinations

Improve Port of loading calling from CNDCB (DaChan Bay Terminals) to CNSHK (Shekou Container Terminals) for Abbas (Iran)

Most frequency and fastest service for Jebel Ali with 5 loops weekly call and Dammam with 3 loops weekly call

-          Unique direct call to Sohar (Oman) and Abbas (Iran), add new call to Bahrain ex South China

Unique calls:

Fuqing to Los Angeles / Oakland (PRX)

Shekou to Houston / Mobile / New Orleans / Miami / Jacksonville (PEX3)

Xiamen to Baltimore (TWS)


Best Transit Time:

Yantian / Xiamen to Los Angeles / Oakland / Seattle / Houston / Mobile / Baltimore / New York

Yantian to Vancouver / Charleston


Highest Frequency:

Yantian with weekly 12 services.

Xiamen with weekly 6 services.

Shekou with weekly 4 services.

Nansha with weekly 2 services.