Notice of Payment Related Information - CMA CGM SOUTH CHINA


Dear Valued Customers:



According to the notice from People’s Government of Guangdong Province, all kinds of enterprises in Guangdong will not resume work before 24:00, Feb 9th. During this period, please find below our arrangement for export and import business:


  1. Invoice and Bank Information


  1. Customer can log on CC’s invoice dashboard to download latest LARA invoice.


  1. Customer can get bank information by viewing invoice’s footer


  1. Payment currency and payment amount should be confirmed before settlement to avoid BL release delay or refund. Tax invoice will be printed based on confirmed LARA invoice.



  1. Payment Channel


  1. Recommend customer to settle CNY payment via E-banking.


  1. Bulk Electronic Payment System (BEPS) is available for CNY payment during holiday (7*24h) and it will be triggered when select “Normal” as the transfer form. Payment is forecasted to hit CC’s bank account within 2 hours. In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency, the time of actual payment to account shall prevail.


  1. To ensure duly receipt of your payment, please DON’T select “Real Time” or “Urgent” as the transfer form when proceed payment on E-banking. It will trigger High Value Payment System (HVPS) which will only resume on working day. 

为确保及时收到款项,请勿选择“实时”或“加急”作为转账方式。此方式对应人行大额支付系统, 仅在工作日运行。


  1. Payment Checking and Confirmation


  1. Please send bank slip to below mail box according to your payment location.



  1. Finance team will confirm payment in due time and inform customer service department to proceed BL and cargo release.



  1. USD Invoice and Payment


  1. When there is USD invoice, it is recommended to pay equivalent CNY based on exchange rate @6.9762 for BL and cargo release in advance.

有关美元账单,建议贵司先按照汇率@6.9762折算为人民币支付, 以便进行提单和货物放行。

  1. Bank slip is requested to send to above mail box based on payment location.


  1. Once business is back to normal, your good company can apply USD payment for USD tax invoice. Excess CNY payment will be used for deduction or refund as your requirement. Please note that there is no interest for excess CNY payment.



  1. Tax Invoice Issuance


  1. Please apply for tax invoice via Pre-order website.

请在我司发票预约网站 (hyperlink) 上预约申请税务发票。

  1. Suggest putting several tax invoice applications in one order for easier handling.


  1. Please select “Express delivery” method to ensure safety and health concern during the coronavirus period.


  1. Tax invoice will be printed out after business resumes and send to your good company by batch.


  1. Tax invoice status will be updated in Pre-order website under corresponding application order.




达飞轮船(中国)有限公司深圳分公司 (代表华南区)

CMA CGM (CHINA) SHIPPING CO LTD SHENZHEN Branch on behalf of South China Region


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