Notice of Late SI Fee

Dear Valued Customer,

CMA CGM continuously seeks to improve its processes and ensure the best possible service level is always provided to our customers.

Shipping Instructions are a critical element of the documentary process and must follow a stringent submission process to comply with international trade requirements and various submission deadlines as required by relevant authorities.

We understand that sometimes, certain circumstances may impact your ability to provide Shipping Instructions before the SI Cut Off time as required by CMA CGM. In such circumstances, we invite you to contact our branches and local offices to obtain approval for late acceptance of your SI.

Nonetheless, in view of the exceptional nature of this request and the disruption it creates to timely process your documentation, we will implement a Late SI Fee as follows:

Charge: Late Shipping Instruction Fee
Amount: RMB 450 per B/L
Effective Date: 1 January 2020 (Vessel Departure Time at Port of Loading)
Applicability: For Shipping Instructions approved to be submitted after SI Cut Off

Should you have any questions related to this advisory, please feel free to contact our local branches and offices.

We sincerely thank you for your continuous support.



CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co., Ltd.

For and on behalf of CMA CGM S.A.

3rd Dec 2019