Import Procedure (进口手续)


Import Documentation : Please send to this email address

Shipping Instruction must be provided before the ship’s arrival 48 hours

Import Customs Manifest must be submitted before the ship’s arrival 24 hours

Import Customs Manifest Amendment Procedure for POD Yantian, Chiwan and Shekou

  1. Please contact port of loading to revise bill of lading.


  1. Please send the revised shipping instruction to .


  1. The final receiver to  prepare the amendment application in duplicate and provide one copy to ,then CMA will issue the amendment application to the shipping agency.

      由最终收货人准备一式两份更改舱单申请(请参考附件样本) ,并将复印件给我司,我司将根据此件出具一份更改舱单证明.

  1. Please provide the final receiver’s original amendment application to the shipping agency together with the original ones issued by CMA.


  1. If you have got the delivery order, please return it to the shipping agency.

      若已换D.O,请将旧D.O 退回船代。

  1. The shipping agency will charge amendment fee and it is subject to customs fine. For the detail amount, please check with your customs broker.