Export full withdrawing, then empty/full return (出口柜退运后的还空/还重)

  1. Pay D&D charge / lifting charge / EIR fee in CMA terminal Office. After getting cargo release confirmation from CMA CUS dept., CMA terminal office will issue the EIR when D&D charge/ lifting charge / EIR fee is paid. The valid date (for picking up full & container return ) and the location for container return,,  will be shown in the EIR.



  • Lifing: 4 lifting shall be charged for empty return, and 3 lifting shall be charged for full return.  吊柜费:退运还空收取4个吊柜费,退运还重收取3个吊柜费。
  • D&D: charged from empty picking up date to empty return date for empty return, no free day. 柜租:  退运还空,从提空柜当天到还空柜当天,每天收取。
  •             And charged from empty pick up date to full pick up date for full return, no free day.                          退运还重,从提空柜当天到提重柜当天,每天收取。
  1. Pick up full from terminal. Terminal will collect storage, electricity fee or other terminal fee if any, and then release full against EIR & Customs Releasing Voucher.



  1. Return the devanning empty to the assigned depot within valid date shown on EIR. Depot will inspect the devanning empty before accept it, and the client shall pay the repair charge (if any) to the depot on site. 



  1. Pay EIR fee in CMA terminal office. CMA will issue the EIR for full return when EIR fee is paid.



  1. Return full to terminal before CY closing. Terminal will accept full gate in against EIR & EDI data.




  • Link of E-EIR website to check empty picking up place
  • E-EIR web Link http://eir.cmclink.com,  it is used for paying EIR fee, printing EIR, checking empty picking up place.

鹏海运网址http://eir.cmclink.com, 用于缴付EIR费,打印EIR,查询提空柜地点。