Client Advisory - regarding current diplomatic situation in the Gulf

Client Advisory


Dear Valued Customer,

Please be informed that due to the change in diplomatic relations in the Gulf resulting in immediate restrictions applicable in vessel calls, CMA CGM will, with immediate effect :

1.     cease taking any fresh cargo bookings to and from Qatar until further notice.

2.     hold at port of loading all export booking to and from Qatar until a contingency plan is decided. Export demurrage and on carriage surcharges will apply to this force majeure situation.

3.     discharge commercial cargo loaded at or destined for Qatar which are currently on board, at a place we deem safe and convenient, hereupon the responsibility of CMA CGM shall cease under the relevant bill of Lading. Kindly contact your local representation to arrange for delivery at such place. Alternatively CMA CGM is currently working on contingency plan for delivering the cargo in/from Qatar. This plan, and the associated additional costs, will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

We wish to apology for the inconvenience caused by this force majeure situation and thank you for your business and continued support. For further assistance, please contact your local CMA CGM representative.


Best regards,

Commercial and Agency Network




关于海湾地区外交政策变化引起的港口船舶停靠限制,CMA CGM 谨此通知,以下措施将即时生效:

1.      停止接收所有卡塔尔的进出口货物订舱,何时恢复另行通知;

2.      在制定应急方案之前,已接收的进出卡塔尔的货物将暂时存放在起运港。在此种不可抗力因素下,出口滞期费(Demurrage)以及相关附加费用将会被收取;

3.      已装载上船的货物,预计将被卸在一个安全合适的第三地,因此,基于相关海运提单条款下的承运责任将同时中止。请联系您当地的代理进行后续安排。同时CMA CGM 正在研究相关应急方案,并将尽快与您沟通由此所产生的额外费用。

由此不可抗力因素带来的不便,我们真挚地表示歉意。 感谢您长久以来的支持。如需进一步的帮助,请联系当地CMA CGM 客户代表。